Section About How To Build your Free Energy Device-Components

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Section About How To Build your Free Energy Device-Components

Post by Admin on Sat May 26, 2012 3:41 am

Greetings all.
As the title of this board suggests this board is entirely dedicated to Instructions, How To`s,
Building manuals and related stuff.
For example : How to wind your own coils, How to make your own capacitors, How to Make your own Diodes etc.
Any Electrical & Electronics knowledge related to our Free Energy research is welcomed here.
If you have something useful to share with all the rest of forum members , Please Do So. Thanks.
Also even if you do not have your own info on how to build parts & components but know
of a useful site, you are also encouraged to open up a new topic with that one link you think
is very important for the rest of us to have a look.
Please keep in mind that you better open up a new topic for the useful site you like to share info from it
with us, because it could easily transform into a big resource of very good info. Thanks.

This board is intended to each piece of equipment, example: you can open up a topic as this-> :
"How to build your own Bank of HV capacitors". Maybe linking from a page, only the link needed if you will with a short
description as to what it holds tutorial for.

Thanks and Happy Building Guys & Girls !


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