About the work & research of Tesla

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About the work & research of Tesla

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:53 am

Greetings to all forum members. Smile
Please see this short intro to this Category/Board.
If you have understood enough of an aspect of Tesla`s Energy Research,then, please
post it here in this section, opening a new topic with the title of your topic as short as possible
and the content of your post as short and straight to the point.
If you feel it is a big post to be able to keep it short, then please consider to write your content
on a pdf/e-book file.
After that you can again open a topic, post a link to your pdf file,or other kind of document
and be open to discuss the matter here within with no problem of writing it again from the very beginning.
This way members can refer to some point of your pdf/e-book file, after they have read it and wish to make
something clear,clever, a question, correction or whatever.
Thanks for reading. study


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