Websites and Forums related to Free Energy Research

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Websites and Forums related to Free Energy Research

Post by Peculian on Tue Jul 31, 2012 1:43 pm

Here is the biggest list of free energy websites and forums involved into free energy research.Enjoy !

here we go:

Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices by Patrick J. Kelly
This is most probably the biggest free energy reference site all-in-one place carefully collected info by Patrick !
This website is also available also as an pdf e-book free to download for everyone.
for the link to the book see the top info in the home page.
Millions of Thanks to Patrick for his very generous efforts to make this info available for everyone, free.

A very good reference site with lots of info for all those folks serious in studying and researching.
You will also notice the owner of this site has a good humor through the website Very Happy

This one is a blog full of good info:

Another great website maintained by some Russian guys, Lithuania guys and some others, which I don`t remember now
Full of good info and practical examples from some well known Russian free energy researchers.
Do not miss this website guys coz it has some surprises for you to download also Wink
Thanks to the owner/s !

Some forums>

Free Energy for free independant people
One of the greatest free energy boards/forums around the internet
this is another big forum to not miss. You will find there known inventors like John Bedini himself in some topics.
This forum is "run"/maintained by the well known free energy researcher RomeroUk.
Worth to be part of his forum. Be sure to open an account there.
This forum is one of my free energy friend/fellow Soundiceuk. Relatively a new forum as this mine one.
You will find a good pool of info there as well research related to the techology of ION Valves by inventor Bruce Perreault.
Do open up an account there; recommended by me.
Thanks Soundiceuk !

august 2 2012 added this new forum:Energy Science Forum
Here one must keep in mind this is a continue line migrated from the famous Monopole groups 1,2,3 at Yahoo Groups
to a decent forum which will be from now on the Official John Bedini Forum.Monopole Yahoo Groups will soon remain history.
see here
open a.s.a.p a new account there.


list to be continued....................

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