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Welcome on Board of Info-Energy

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 01, 2012 6:42 am

Hello All! Like a Star @ heaven
This is Just the beginning of a great Journey on Free Energy Research initiated by Pioneers of this arena like
The Great Master Nikola Tesla and his dedicated time-life Work & Research.
Everyone who considers himself/herself an free-energy researcher and enthusiast should acknowledge
or recognize the work done by such tireless individuals who dared to challenge the status quo.
They carved the road for all of us to continue their efforts in this field which can revolutionize
the way humanity lives and respect each-other without racism or things of this kind, stoping humankind to go ahead
for bounty, great steps ahead.
Others, as well, like Donald L. Smith have done a great work too.This brings us to a few steps closer
to our free unlimited energy dream.
I believe this is not just a dream anymore as most people researching
free energy have learned on other forums dedicated to this field.

So, this forum is yet another tool for this purpose and as such will remain open to public view.
Everything posted here will be archived as well for the benefit of all interested people.
Maybe at the near future, this archived forum can be made possible in other Languages for better
information disclosure.
No info related to benefit just one person or a/some group/s of persons will be tolerated here.
This forum will have strict rules unlike others in this field which don`t even moderate their contents.
Credit will be given to the author at anytime requested and/or edited accordingly.
Everyone can read posts done at this forum.But we suggest that it is better if people get involved in this road
in order for them to make better progress. So its better that if you really are full in this research, to open an account
on this forum using a nickname,maybe the same nickname you are already using in other free energy forums for better
communicating with others at no time. It is free with no charge whatsoever. Your e-mails will not be published
somewhere around the nets, except strictly for this forums internal use.
As said at title of this forum:You can make a difference at this research about free-energy contributing
with just some litle of your time and knowledge ! Exclamation Very Happy
And if you are sincere enough, your time and efforts will not go without recognition from the free energy community
Remember Tesla ? You barely see his name in school textbooks, but this does not make a difference
at the way we, the free energy researchers see his efforts at this road to Free Unlimited Energy for every human
of this Planet (Earth).
What will you do about this free energy research ? Give a clear answer at yourself first and then
if you like, consider to help others to face the reality in which we all live.
Thanks for reading.Happy Researching. Exclamation study Smile


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