Don L. Smith and his work

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Don L. Smith and his work

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 01, 2012 8:41 am

Hello Folks !
I am happy to announce that this Category in this forum is Entirely dedicated to the gentlemen called:
Donald L. Smith, short Don Smith.
Too much info available about his research and devices has surfaced after his (unfortunately) death.
All this info needs to be "filtered" in order for us all to succeed or even get close to his findings.
Any info available on his work is highly appreciated, for the sake of humanity, in order to liberate ourselves
from slavery and ignorance on free energy technologies.
Many Thanks goes already to some respected individuals as for example: Patrick J. Kelly, Bruce A.P. ,
Soundiceuk, Slovenia, Zelina zzz, Duncan and other members of the forum ( apologies if I
forgot to put your name here folks - list will be updated)
Please, be sure to be updated especially to the work & research done by Don Smith because he is a hidden genius
the help given by him is so much valuable that suppresion didn`t missed to show up and discredit him.
I strongly suggest everyone to first learn from original Tesla`s papers and then, the second step
is to study the work of Don Smith.
The next and Final Step is to try it out for yourself.Nothing beats the experiments done by yourself based
on Tesla`s & Don Smith works. Exclamation
Happy studying ! study oh and be freaky careful with High Voltages ( HV ) or you will end up as R.i.p scratch


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