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Forum Rules

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 03, 2012 4:41 am

Here will be some General Rules which all members, including the Admin must follow to have a fairly
good use for the Forum Boards here:
Please be Sure to respect them.

1. Behavior:
First and foremost everyone is requested to respect other members in spite of their point of view.

Please, make sure when posting at the forum here, to not offend other users.

Constructive criticism is welcomed, but it is not a good thing to enforce others your point of view.
It is not allowed.Failing to do so could result in your account to be pemanently blocked/banned.

Racism is in no way allowed here.Do not even try to make claims pushed by racism as a motive.
You will be banned right away.No exceptions.

Everyone is kindly requested to Respect Staff Members,Admins and Moderators.
Otherwise you put yourself in troubles + your Reputation will be lowered.We do not recommend you to do such things.

2. Posting:
Please post your topic/s at the right forum board.
Do not post useless topics trying to just increase your post count.You probably will waste yours & others
time because certain posts topics will be deleted by Staff Members.

Political content posts are not allowed in this forum.
Religious posts are neither allowed.
You,me and everyone has the right to believe wherever or whatever we want
but here we do not allow members starting debates about religions. Strictly Forbidden.
Staff members are advised to not tolerate such religious-content debates & members insisting
on these religious content messages will be banned without warning.

3.Advertising - Spamming and Related Stuff :

Advertising here without permission to do so, is not allowed.
If you want to advertise at this forum please contact Staff Members.

Spam posts will be deleted without warning and members doing so will be permanently banned.

4. Other Important Stuff.

Government members and/or leaders, Patriots, Oil company supporters, and in General everyone
who is trying to deviate members here to focus on free energy are not welcomed here.

The forum here is carefully observed for such tactics of suppression.Anyone caught doing so will be banned right away

note: Forum Rules here will be updated accordingly with growing forum needs.
Please make sure you visit this closed topic once in a while for updates.
Thanks for Reading. Happy Research on your Free Energy Route Wink


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